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What's in a Name?

The BBC recently featured an article about people's names that break databases. It reminds me of an excellent talk that I saw at YAPC::NA - 2015, by Nova Patch (patch), Hello, my name is ___. While the article from the BBC touches on many of the issues, the core of the talk by patch is how much our identities are wrapped up in our names.

Perl - Minion::Notifier

Joel Berger has been at it again and brings us a nifty module that supports notifications for Minion - Minion::Notifier. While this is a preview release, it makes Minion look even more appealing as a job queue as you can now watch and be notified that a job has been completed.

jQuery 3.0 Beta Released

The jQuery development team has announced the release of jQuery 3.0 Beta.

Grant Proposal: Test::Simple + Test::Stream

Chad Granum, who I am fortunate to have seen present at YAPC::NA::2015, is requesting approval from the Perl Foundation to work on Test::Simple and Test::Stream. I fully support this effort and hopefully it will be approved during this round of proposals.