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Grant Proposal: Test::Simple + Test::Stream

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Chad Granum, who I am fortunate to have seen present at YAPC::NA::2015, is requesting approval from the Perl Foundation to work on Test::Simple and Test::Stream. I fully support this effort and hopefully it will be approved during this round of proposals.

I have worked with Test::Simple and Test::Stream for quite a while now. At work we have a test suite that takes quite a while to run. In an effort to speed up, I researched ways to run tests in parallel. This was pretty simple with Test::Simple / Test::Harness, but it was still taking too long to get results back for our developers.

I looked into many different ways to fork() inside a singular test file (.t), only to find out that everything that was available ended up making things worse. Either the output results would get all corrupted or the output would be fine and now the test took longer to run then it did without the forks.

Enter Test::Simple and Test::Stream. Chad Granum had recently taken over Test::Simple maintenance and made several dev releases of Test::Simple with a replacement for it's backend, Test::Builder. This project was very ambitious and proved to be too much to be done all at once.

Fast forward and Chad split Test::Stream out to it's own CPAN distribution and focused his efforts on getting Test::Stream working correctly first. Well, the time has come and he is pushed Test::Stream out as a Trial release and is ready to finish the rewrite of Test::Simple to use Test::Stream as it back-end instead of Test::Builder.

Thank you Chad for your hard work and here's me hopping that this one gets approved!


  • Crap! I forgot about the propose for the Test::Stream Manual

    Written by schobes - 2015-11-18 19:04:19

    Chad Granum is also requesting a grant to complete the Test::Stream manual.

    • RE: Crap! I forgot about the propose for the Test::Stream Manual

      Written by schobes - 2015-12-16 12:08:27