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Amazon Releases a Free AAA Game Engine

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This is an incredible game changer for video game engines. While most game engines cost money, and Unreal even allows you to use a subscription service, Amazon's Lumberyard may force major companies to re-evaluate how they distribute their engine.

While Lumberyard does have one caveat, games that need to run on servers must use Amazon's Web Services (AWS) and can't run their game on a non-AWS Web service that is "similar or can act as a replacement" for AWS, I feel like this won't affect the majority of small publishers, including indie developers.

When looking at competitors, especially if we consider AWS, Twitch, and GameLift as services, Lumberyard's power alone ( inclusion of full source ) should cause an exciting shift in game development and cause a small upset at the same time.

All the while, I think this will cause a landslide of shovelware. Just see the mess that is 'Steam Greenlight.' It's the new developers with talent and a spark, that I am excited to see enter the industry.

After all, is more games really a bad thing?

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    Written by schobes - 2016-03-19 21:29:38

    Did you see the recent release for Unity. Look pretty awesome!